Stormsong’s Awakening: Meeting WindClan

This is a definitely longer part compared to most of my other poses, but enjoy!


“Welcome to WindClan, I’m Mothblaze, one of the young warriors in WindClan! How about a little tour from my apprentice?” The three kits nodded eagerly, their little tails waving around. Mothblaze looked around for his apprentice, seeing them on the other side of the clearing. “There he is, Sootpaw!” A small dark brown apprentice ran up to his mentor, the apprentice still much smaller than his teacher. “Yes Mothblaze, are these Cloudface’s kits? They are so tiny! Especially that one!” He pointed his nose to Rainkit, who shrunk when he was pointed out, making Stormkit irritated. “Hey, leave Rainkit alone! He will grow up to be bigger and stronger than you!” Stormkit hissed at the brown apprentice, snapping at him, protecting her youngest brother. The apprentice stepped back in surprise, looking up to his mentor for some reassurance. “Stormkit is right, they are only kits, born less than a halfmoon ago, do not make fun of them,” Stormkit smiled with pride at her small victory. “As for you Stormkit, that was brave of you, you will make a fine warrior one day, just like your mother.” Mothblaze’s midnight hued eyes looked into Stormkit’s evergreen ones, making her grin. He looked at the other two kits, then to his apprentice. “Sootpaw, show the kits around, make sure they know where the fresh-kill pile is, since they will be eating from there within a moon or two.” The small brown cat nodded, looking back to Stormkit, Nightkit and Rainkit. “Sure, I’ll show you around, follow me.” He started off, moving toward a large den with a bitterish scent.

Rainkit and Nightkit both recoiled from the scent, although it lured Stormkit closer, making her long fur puff up. Sootpaw’s face contorted into confusion. “Anyways, this is the medicine den, our medicine cat isn’t here right now but her name is Honeyflower. She is really nice but a bit of a scatterbrain. . .” Sootpaw trailed off with his words, looking away from the medicine den, Nightkit snickered and whispered to his older sister. “Looks like he likes Honeyflower!” Sootpaw cleared his throat and moved along, going toward a way bigger den that smelled of many different cats. The three kits looked inside, smelling many different cats and almost withering from the many smells. A large tawny cat had peeked over a sandy colored cat. Sootpaw padded into the den, pushing past the kits, making them mewl from him trampling them. The kits looked at each other, Rainkit piping up first. “We should go explore on our own, Sootpaw isn’t helpful at all!”

“Yeah, wanna come with us Stormkit?” She hesitated, wanting to go back to the medicine den. “Actually, you guys go on ahead without me, I want to see if Honeyflower came back yet.” They rolled their eyes and ran off toward another den, not caring what they were doing. Stormkit padded back to the medicine den, sitting just outside the herbal den. She sniffed the entryway, enjoying what she could smell.

Cloudface watched from the nursery, loving the sight of her children’s curiosity, not interfering with the two boys as they unknowingly ran into the elder’s den, hearing a loud screech, grabbing Stormkit’s attention. A few cats looked at the elder’s dens, a few warriors running over, like Mothblaze. The two kits ran out and straight into another cat, this one was strong and their legs were powerful, the two toms looked up into the familiar sandy colored warrior’s eyes, meeting an irritated amber color. “What are you two kits doing messing with the elder’s,” Her voice was irritated and strict, making the two toms back up in fear. “We saw a tail and we wanted to play!” Nightkit’s ears were low, his head down. Stormkit ran over to her baby brothers, showing a ton of concern. “Rainkit, Nightkit, are you both alright?” A large black and white tom shambled out of the elder’s den, his jaw crooked and one eye closed. “It’s alright now. . . They didn’t mean no harm! I just got a bit shocked is all, they’re only kits.” He smiled at the sandy warrior, who only scowled. “Spottedpelt, this is not a laughing matter! These kits need to learn to behave quickly, Petalstar won’t say anything because she – -”

“Because I what, Amberfur?” The leader interrupted her warrior, whom had slightly shrunk at being caught. “Were you going to say too soft? I don’t believe I am, but if you insist I can give you apprentice tasks until you believe I am fit to be leader!” Petalstar’s yellow eyes held a taunt but seriousness covered it. Amberfur shook her head. The dark brown leader looked down at the three kits that started cowering in fear, thinking they were going to be yelled at next, she only smiled at them. “Calm down little kits, I am Petalstar, leader of WindClan. You all must be Cloudface’s kits, right,” the kits nodded, Petalstar only smiled, “your mother is a wonderful warrior, but I can tell that you all will be just as good as your parents, maybe even better one day!” She praised the small kits, making them all lift their heads in pride. Petalstar smiled, looking over to the patrol, Rainkit ran over to the patrol seeing that their father Ravenwing was there, he looked down at his youngest kit, setting down the rabbit he caught, three times as big as his kits. “Hello there little ones, Cloudface let you out already? But what about Stormkit, did she open her eyes?” He looked beside Petalstar to see his other two kits, Nightkit and Stormkit running over to see him, taking note of Stormkit’s evergreen eyes.


Stormsong’s Awakening: Finally Open

Another part and it ends in a Cliffhanger!!!!!

(Picture does not belong to me!)


Stormkit had still not opened her eyes, however much Rainkit and Nightkit pleaded. “C’mon Stormkit! Cloudface won’t let us leave without you! You’re the oldest, why aren’t you opening your eyes! Swiftpaw wants to show us around!” Nightkit yelled at his sister, her eyes remaining closed, Cloudface was right in the nest with her daughter, grooming her pelt. She stopped for a second as Rainkit and Nightkit were preoccupied with her tail, she whispered into her daughter’s ear. “I know you want to see your home. . . go, see WindClan, they will thank you for it.” Stormkit raised her head, standing up on her paws, her legs long already, her silver fur glistening slightly, she opened her eyes, they were not like her mother’s or her father’s, but they were a glistening evergreen hue. The brothers looked up at their sister, not knowing her eyes were open. “Finally gonna open your eyes, Stormkit,” Nightkit taunted, waving his tail, rearing up as if he was going to tackle her.

She turned back, revealing her eyes to her brothers, them looking up in awe at the color.

“I already have! C’mon! I wanna go see WindClan with you guys!” She flicked her ears, the two toms running out of the nursery, stopping after a few pawsteps out of the den. Stormkit followed, looking out at the bright day, her eyes easily adjusting to the brightness, she sniffed at the air, smelling all kinds of other cats, seeing most of them out of their dens, especially the elders. Nightkit looked up at a much bigger cat then them, their fur white with golden splotches all around and dark blue eyes, the same cat smiled at the kits. “I see you are out now little ones,” the voice was masculine, but sweet.

Mosspaw meets her best friend

Mosspaw (Mossleap now) is a past character of mine I haven’t used for about a year or two now, she is an apprentice in this one so. . . yeah.


She was tall, rather long legged for an apprentice. Especially in ThunderClan, of course she had SkyClan blood, how else could she have this height? Mosspaw was a rather hotheaded she-cat, only born 18 moons ago, she wasn’t that old but wasn’t completely young either. Her pelt matched the brambles, her eyes matched the tree tops. She had no real sense of smell but her ears worked like magic. 

That’s how she met him, a kittypet, a house cat, whatever you wanted to call him. He was a bit chubby but seemed to act like a real forest cat, like a Clan member if anything. He was bright like fire, but had golden eyes that held a few sad stories but covered them with happiness. “Hey kittypet,” Mosspaw called to him from her place about 5 mouse-lengths away, her claws out and her fangs gleaming. “Get away from here, you are trespassing in ThunderClan territory, leave or face my claws!” She snarled at the kittypet, who only snickered in retort, aggravating the brown apprentice more. “Come get some then!”

Mosspaw lunged at the kittypet before her, her claws out and her teeth bared as she rolled to land on him, the kittypet tom kicking her off of him as he rolled to get up, Mosspaw shot back up as she landed and lunged again, slicing his left ear, the tom hissing in pain and unsheathing his claws. 

The two fought and fought, the kittypet having landed a lot of hits on the apprentices body, the same with her. She sat, her eyes locking on his, smiling as he sat too. “Truce, Clan cat?” The tom called to her.

“Truce, I should take you back to ThunderClan though, I can help get you cleaned up before you head back to your Twolegs,” She stood, and helped him up too, his front right paw trembling on the earth beneath him. 

Once back to ThunderClan, all the cats seemed to hiss at one look at the tom’s collar, showing his kittypet heritage. Whispers and mumbles rumbled throughout ThunderClan;

“Doesn’t belong here,”

“Mosspaw had no right,”

“She is going to ruin Clan bloodlines,”

“Everybody shut your mouths,” Mosspaw called to the entire Clan, silencing them all at once. “This is my friend! He is a wonderful fighter and I want to take him to Nettleheart before he or I bleed out!” Mosspaw was unafraid, the she-cats willpower made his fur stand on end. As the two gathered in Nettleheart’s den and got herbs on their wounds. “My name is Leo by the way. . . I hope you don’t mind if I stay here for a bit.”

“I don’t mind at all, I’m Mosspaw, your new friend, welcome to ThunderClan!”

OC’s insert

no-cats-were-harmed-in-the-taking-of-this-pi1-21396380This is an OC insert of a cat of your choice, a forest cat falling in love with a housecat. Forbidden among the forest cats!

this is what will be used in the story because I am too lazy to keep writing this stuff out;

(C/C/N) – Clan Cat Name

(P/Pr) – Preferred pronoun

(I/C) – Insert Clan

(P/C) – Pelt Color

(E/C) – Eye Color


(C/C/N) was tired of it all, (P/Pr) was done with all the cats in their (I/C). (C/C/N) had a wonderful pelt color compared to the others in (P/Pr) Clan. (C/C/N) had a jubilant pelt color of (P/C) with eyes sparkling of  (E/C).

Things were good. Until they met them. They were a non binary cat. Meaning they had no preferred pronouns, their pelt was almost the color of the sun, they had tiger like stripes that made their body seem longer, lithe even. They had eyes the hue of an ocean, pools of deep colors that almost seemed to hold the coldest of glares when needed. (C/C/N) saw their pelt, their eyes and immediately knew that they were meant to be. It was bound to happen. They hadn’t spoken before but even though (C/C/N) knew it was their destiny, they spoke up when they saw them on the fence. 

“Er. . . Hello,” (C/C/N) seemed shy, almost feeling like this was not right. “I have seen you here before, but I never got the courage to ask who you are.” The other cat smiled, knowing that they were being a bit awkward. “Well, in that case,” their voice was sweet, supple even. “I am Pepper, my fur is kind of a dead giveaway, isn’t it.” They purred with amusement, (C/C/N) doing the same, falling even deeper.

After moons and moons of talking, it turns out that sometimes even Pepper would go into the forest, they knew how to disguise their scent and act as they were not there at all, they loved to be in the trees and even after a few moons of opening up, Pepper liked (C/C/N) too. Although what happened next didn’t help, especially since (C/C/N) wasn’t there for Pepper.

“Oh, so you’re the one Pepper was seeing!” A giant tom was where Pepper usually was on the fence, making (C/C/N) irritated already. “Yes, I am, now where are they?” 

“Gone.” The news struck them like a badger eating a kit, horrifying and tear jerking. Pepper had been ‘put down’ by Twolegs, the people who housed them had killed them. Pepper apparently had some sort of problem that couldn’t be fixed, and in turn, they had to die.

First blog post!

So, I have just made this and I shall post my first Warrior Cats part to my story!

(Picture does not belong to me)


“She isn’t moving, why isn’t she moving?!” A voice called, filled to the brim with worry. “She will move in her own time, the others are moving, we are keeping her warm, her heartbeat is there. Calm down, Ravenwing.” Another voice called out, soft and sweet, filled with love and tenderness. The sound of the storm outside hurt the kits ears, making the two most active mew with fear and irritation. The unmoving kit mewed, the den taking a breath of relief. “What are their names? There is three of them, isn’t there?”

The she-cat keeping the kits warm nodded, her pelt long and fluffy, silver like the moon’s glow, her eyes a bright yellow, flecks of green near her pupils. Her long tail was swept over her kits, keeping them moving.

There were two toms and one she-kit, the she-kit was the one whom had mewed last, one tom was the color of a rock after a steady rainfall, the other was as dark as night like their father, Ravenwing. The she-kit bore her mother’s pelt, long and fluffy, a white belly and gray stripes the color of the youngest brother. “I know the names,” She used her tail to point at the gray one, “this one will be Rainkit,”

“This is Nightkit, and the she-kit. . . Stormkit. I think the storm suits her, doesn’t it?” She looked up to her mate, her yellow eyes meeting his blue ones, his black pelt made him blend in with the dark den, his eyes the only thing able to show he was there. “Their names are perfect, Cloudface. I am so proud of them already.”

“They will be great warriors, but I feel something else in one of them, I know they are special. . . I can sense it.” Ravenwing looked to his mate, then to the kits, nodding his head, feeling the same thing. “I agree, they will do something amazing.”